Welcome to World Wide Malls Where Your Local Business Matters.

We are similar to Amazon…..excepting we promote shop local online with your very own local e-Commerce mall online.

Coming to your city soon....

Do you like the convenience of shopping online? The simplicity of finding what you want on Amazon and getting it delivered to your home or business?

Would you prefer to support local businesses and shop local online if you could find anything you want locally and have it delivered the same day?

Then you have come to the right place

What we do

We help local businesses thrive.

We are setting up cities with over 50,000 population with their own online mall where every merchant in that city can sell their goods and services to the residents of that city with same day delivery on most goods being sold through the site.

Saving Local Business

Here you will have a hand in saving local businesses during hard economic times brought on bad economy, mega corporations and lock-downs.

e-Commerce Solutions

You don't need to spend a fortune on creating your own website. We help you create your own store on our platform - For FREE

Easy Shopping

As a customer you can now shop local and still get great deals and convenience of finding what you want in your city on one website and having it delivered the same day

Why Use World Wide Malls?

Lower Costs

Prices are often cheaper from local merchants than Amazon. Imagine, lower or no shipping and or, delivery costs. No waiting for weeks to get a product that you could use today. This is why World Wide Malls helps, and we help you, the local community better your local economy.

Local Selection

Greater selection. Local merchants source more and varied products than are housed by Amazon or sold through Amazon. With your very own online mall with World Wide Malls you and your community can make all local products available online.

Save Your Local Businesses

Save our retailers so they prosper, and our communities keep the money in their communities instead of sending it to a massive corporation who cares nothing about the local city or its residents and supports none of the community organizations or services such as fire, policing, infrastructure and more.

why we do it

We Know The Problem.

Clearly companies like Amazon, Walmart and others were given the upper hand during the covid19 lock downs and their profits have soared ever since. We are committed to saving small to medium retailers by giving them the opportunity to compete on a level playing field regardless of any further lock-downs or rules making it impossible to get enough customers through your doors.

We Have The Solutions For Local Businesses!

World Wide Malls is a system that is purposely designed to benefit everyone – consumers and businesses alike. This new system will also result in small manufacturers benefiting and doing better against the large manufacturers, because we will also be developing a database of local manufacturers so retailers can source products locally instead of importing from foreign countries such as China. As we have seen the supply chain can and has become problematic.