October 21

5 Reasons why you should Shop Local


Retailers are failing in an unprecedented way as a result of two major factors. The first is the advent of online super stores such as Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, E-bay and others. Before the advent of covid-19, Sears, one of the oldest and largest retailers in North America closed their doors.

They did not prepare for the changes in consumer spending online and Amazon decimated them. Other chains too have closed as a result of that.

The second is due to restrictions imposed on them by governments in their attempt to thwart the covid-19 spread, resulting in many retailers having their stores closed.

According to The Washington Post, more than 100,000 small businesses in the United States have permanently shut their doors since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic in March. This is expected to only get worse.

So why should you shop local?

Investment in your local community

When money is spent in local stores, a sizeable amount of it is re-spent in the community. Some is donated to local charities and sports teams.

Why not invest in where you live and in the people you rub shoulders with every day rather than some faceless corporation who cares nothing about you, your family or community?


How often do you need something today? Monoliths like Amazon cannot get it to you that fast. They don’t have knowledgeable staff about what products may be better than others nor how to use them properly. And should you need to return it for any reason it takes too long.

Job creation

Two thirds of all new jobs are created by small businesses. By supporting big corporations like Amazon, we are contributing to unemployment and poverty in our own communities. All the while companies like Amazon continue to deploy robots to replace employees.

They also continue to work on the use of drones to deliver orders – thereby continuing to take jobs away from people. This is perhaps why they are in favour of a guaranteed wage paid by governments to people so they can justify taking away people’s dignity and jobs.


Boutique shops carry greater variety than super stores like Walmart. It is a well-known fact that there are dozens of manufactures who make similar products. Big stores like Walmart only sell the brands they can negotiate the best deals on.

So, there is a general lack of options to choose from. Sure, its convenient to find most of what you may need at a superstore like Walmart but often you land up with poorly made or mediocre products. This then passes on down to the more innovative manufacturers who cannot sell their products because Walmart dominates the retail market in many places.

Specialty stores in a product range often will purchase many different brands giving us lots of variety and since it is competitive, helps keep prices low.

Better local services. Businesses create a better tax base allowing the creation of better services to the community including charities and local sports teams and clubs.

Taxes are paid locally to provide necessary services and support systems such as schools, fire stations, water, sewer and garbage collection. Because of this, local governments do not need to raise taxes for homeowners in the community to cover the costs.

When we fail to support local businesses, we will in time see higher taxes and/or reduced services. This is how communities die and real estate drops in value because nobody wants to live in that community.

But you do not have to sacrifice great prices and convenience in shopping locally because wwMalls, https://wwmalls.com, is about to launch an online Mall for every city across North America and eventually the world.

Consumers can shop local in their own city from the convenience of their computer or smart phone. And wwmalls will have that item delivered to the consumer the same day making it as convenient as Amazon, but faster and supporting local retailers.

Now you can enjoy great prices and convenience that surpasses Amazon while supporting local businesses. We all win (Except Amazon, Walmart and others). Look for wwMalls coming soon to your city. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on http://wwmalls.com.

wwMalls.com is committed to your success and motivating people to shop local online…


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