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Better Than Amazon, Because It's Faster & Local...

World Wide Malls is a system that is purposely designed to benefit everyone – consumers and businesses alike. This new system will also result in small manufacturers and local business owners benefiting and doing better against the large manufacturers, and even Amazon itself!

About World Wide Malls.

Local economies depend heavily on local businesses to survive. When big companies like Amazon or Walmart suck the money out, they don’t give back to the community nor support anything in the community. This trend MUST STOP otherwise many smaller communities will die. We need local businesses.

"World Wide Malls is similar to Amazon but we promote local businesses in every city and engage consumers to shop locally. We help local businesses to increase their sales and customer satisfacation by providing an easy to use online shopping experience. "

Your small business matters, to all of us.

Small business is the backbone of every community but so many have not been able to compete with the big box stores and many have had to close their doors. World Wide Malls intends to change that.

Our platform makes it unnecessary to spend a fortune on developing your own website and like most malls will bring more customers to your business faster and easier.

We help you.

Welcome To Worldwide Malls ...the Amazon for the local business!

We are setting up cities all over the world with their own online mall where every merchant in that city can sell their goods and services to the residents of that city with 24 hour delivery on most goods being sold through the site. We also offer expedited fast delivery for restaurants and all retail products.

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